Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Church Construction

Some of you have asked us to put the pictures up so here they are. We are hoping inaugurate the building by the end of next year. Here are some pics...

This is the room where the youth are meeting currently.
Santuary--basketball court/speed soccer court.
The HUGE roof.
Sanctuary facing the stage.
Park area; we'll have a kitchenette on the back wall eventually.
Park area.
"Crece y Deja Crecer" (Grow and Let Grow). This is the front of the church.
Southeast corner of the outside.
Northeast corner of outside.
Future Student Ministry Center--upstairs.
Future site for children's playground.
Looking down at the park area.
More park area.
The whole building (2 lots) from the North.

Thank you to all of you who have donated time and money towards this project. This is a very special project that not just the church will benefit from, but the community as well. As the Lord continues to make His presence known, peoples lives continue to be changed. Please continue to pray for Centro Cristiano Cofradía. If you are interested in getting a team together to come down to help, let us know.

Click here to donate online to this project. Find the "Cofradía, Mexico" location; click on "note" and designate the funds to "New Church Building Construction"; then choose the amount you'd like to donate and click on "add to gift cart." Once you've done that follow the instructions to "check out." It's very easy.

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