Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Getting Ready to Return

We are in our last week in Washington; a bitter-sweet time. We are very blessed to have the family and friends we have and we absolutely enjoyed our time visiting those with whom we were able to connect. The only regret is not being able to see everyone we would have liked. It's always a busy time when we come up, but we enjoyed ourselves.

We head out on Sunday afternoon to Vancouver, Washington to stay with a High School friend, Jack Harroun. Then, the next morning we'll eat breakfast with my former Youth Pastor Ron McClung and see some more friends before we head towards Sacramento. We are not sure where we'll stay on Monday night (Southern Oregon or Northern California--depending on how far we can get).

Thank you for your prayers...we really appreciate them!!!

The Silbermans


  1. Hey Steve please say hi to Both Ron and Jack for me please. I loved visiting with you guys, safe travels. Take care. Give the wife and girls hugs! God Bless,

  2. see you guys in december! have a great trip!!