Friday, May 21, 2010


"Salmodiando" was an event at last week's youth group. An English equivalent would be "Activity with the Psalms". The purpose was to encourage the students to get into the Bible and read. The activity was to have them recite, write a song, or use their imagination to present a Psalm in front of a panel of judges and the audience of youth.

It was pretty good. I think we'll be doing this again sometime because there was interest, but not many signed up. Now that the ice has been broken, I think there will be more interest in future "Salmodiando" nights.

Two groups participated and presented two different songs. Ruben and Alfredo presented a couple of Psalms in the form of rap music...
Alfredo and Ruben
while Chuy, Pedro, and Jose Luis presented a couple of songs with guitars and drums, making their own music. One song was in the style of rock, the other was in the style of adoration...
Jose Luis, Chuy, and Pedro

They all did a great job and Chuy's group "After Death" (suggesting new life) won as they did a song to Psalm 101.

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