Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Summer Tournaments 2010

A few years ago we stared holding speed soccer tournaments for the youth guys. After a few tournaments we added volleyball. This summer, we had a good enough turn-out of girls in order to form our second female speed soccer tournament. 12 girls signed up and formed three teams. This was probably the most exciting part of the week...seeing them play!

Monday and Tuesday, five teams of 6 members each played volleyball. Wednesday and Thursday was the soccer tournament for the girls' and guys' teams. 25 guys played on 5 teams of 5 members. For the guys' soccer, this was the most evenly matched teams we've ever had so that made it more exciting and interesting for the players!

Friday was the finals for both sports...
Gollo's team won the Volleyball tournament.
Jazmin's team won the female soccer tournament.

Raul's team (Los Bebeleches) won the male soccer tournament.

I've noticed that the more we do this, little by little there are relationships being built as the students overcome the fear of man and know that they will find peace in Jesus.

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