Thursday, October 20, 2011

Staff Retreat

What an exciting time in Mazatlán we had with our Cofradía Missionary Staff!  We spent three days in a very nice Hotel/Hacienda in Old Mazatlán's downtown called The Melville.  We rented two suites, each with two bedrooms, a bathroom, kitchen, dining, and living rooms.  It was a great, private place to refocus as we edified, planned, and prepared.

We spent the first day having fun together and talking about cancer in teams as opposed to what makes a great team.  We hiked up to the lighthouse and had a very nice dinner at La Playa Mazatlán as we caught the tail end of the beautiful sunset over the Pacific.  

The next day we talked about almost every aspect of our ministry.  It was a series of long needed discussion and clarification of our responsibilities as team members and ministers.  We finished the evening with a very engaging and exciting game of Pictionary.  Men vs. women.  The women had us beat, but the we came back very strong at the end to squeak out the win!

The final day we prepared ourselves to return back to Cofradía.  It was a great three days that brought our team together.  We are unified and ready to RAISE UP LEADERS IN RURAL MEXICO.

If you are interested in ministry as a missionary or intern, don't hesitate to email us.  We would love to give you an opportunity to minister.  You might want to come down with a short-term missions team, as an intern, or consider a longer term commitment.  Alternative Missions' catch phrase is "Creative Ways of Serving the World."  What creative way would you like to serve God, serving the World?
Staff at the top of the Mazatlan Lighthouse
Dinner at La Playa Mazatlan
The tail end of the sunset during dinner.
"Pictionary" awaits
Max drawing...something

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