Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Conference with the Taylors

It is always a blessing to have Doug and Jan Taylor with us in Cofradía.  The Taylors lived here for 8 years and during that time built relationships with many of the locals, the church, and especially the staff.  After meeting with Doug each week during a mentoring time while they lived here, I have grown to really appreciate him and the excitement I feel when we get a chance to "chat" is such as that of a little child on Christmas morning when he sees his presents.  They are invaluable to us in our personal lives, marriages, parenting skills, and leadership skills.

It was a pleasure to have them with us this past weekend as they spoke four times: to the leaders about our character, to the marriages about being a team, to the parents about what method of training we should use, and on Sunday to the whole congregation about putting on the New Man.  What an incredible time!  If you have not heard them speak, you don't know what you're missing!

Thank you to those of you who keep our ministry in prayer and support this ministry financially.  It's you who help make weekends like this possible.

Here is what Doug and Jan had to say about their time in Cofradía,

"It is always great to reconnect with the people of Cofradia and area.  We feel so loved and appreciated.  We saw the faithfulness of God as He knit together the four messages of the weekend and used them to touch the hearts of the people.  We were encouraged to see the response of the people and believe that seeds were sown and fruit that lasts will come."

Pastor Gollo and Mati with Doug and Jan 
Sunday Morning Service
Prayer for Married Couples

Teaching the Leaders

Prayer for the Youth

The Interpreter

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