Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Cobblestone Street for Church

The neighbor in front of the church has contracted some men to lay cobblestone on the streets surrounding his house.  The men are getting ready to set the rocks on the street that passes the front of the church soon.  That means that we need to come up with $1,200 dollars to pay our half.  We have been taking up special offerings in the church for a month, but we are a long ways away from our goal.  Will you help us with a generous donation?

Click here to safely give an online tax-deductible donation.  Designate the donation to the ministry location "Cofradía" and make a special note for "Church Street."

Thank you for your partnership with this ministry!

Blessings to all!
Grading the street in preparation.

Neighbor's house with his front street finished.  Our church is on the street to the right.

Almost ready with the loads of rock waiting.

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