Friday, August 31, 2012


Here is a quick video update of our first week with EL RETO!  This year, it's called "The Danger Zone" in reference to the world we live in.  We are in danger all around us; the enemy wants to steal kill and destroy.  Jesus came to give life!  We added a new aspect this year called, "The Refuge."  It's a place where the students can hang out, play games, watch Christian Music Videos, or just chat with friends.  Our staff is also available to hang out with the students getting to know them and helping them understand that God is our Refuge!  We do this just after all the activities, then we move on to some worship, positive reinforcement called "Filipos," and a quick word the applies to what we're doing.  All this right before "The Vote" where each team votes for another team to do chores which is done very similar to Survivor's Tribal Council.

This first week went excellent!  We have six teams and everyone is pumped!  Looking forward to another 5 more weeks!

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