Thursday, February 07, 2013

Pastor Heriberto Rodriguez

Pastor Heriberto Rodriguez was born and raised in Cofradia and now is an ordained minister living in Florida with his wife, Alba.  They work together preaching in jails and visiting and praying for people in their homes.   Pastor Heriberto and Alba came to visit Cofradia in January for a couple of weeks.  During their time here, they were able to participate in some of the ministries in the Church sharing testimonies and messages in the Men's Ministry, Youth Ministry, and Congregation.  Before meeting Christ five years ago, Heriberto was involved in some pretty rough things that led him to a dead end in his life.  Now, free from all of the addictions and habits, he and his wife enjoy a life of ministry together with heavy hearts for children and youth. 

There are two interesting facts about Heriberto that relate to this mninistry.  I met him in the late 1990s, but had very little contact with him.  In the year 2000, we started a weekly prayer meeting here on the base.  There were consistently about 10-12 people that would come and a few others who, if they had a need, would come as well.  We saw miracles happen during that time.  One of which had to do with a grandmother asking for prayer for her grandson whom she had not heard from for a long time and she was worried.  The next day to her surprise, she received a phone call from him.  Heriberto was that grandson.

Also, in 2006 we purchased the property where the church located.  That property belonged to Heriberto's family.  His mother sold it not knowing that Heriberto had plans to build a home on that land some day.  Needless to say, when he found out it was sold, he wasn't very happy.  Since conversion to Jesus Christ, he is more than excited to know that the property where he once was going to build a home, is now used for the Kingdom of God to which he belongs.  His home is built.

We were more than delighted with their visit and look forward to working together in the future.  This is a very exciting testimony to how God works in the lives of people to whom we minister.  God answers prayers, He frees the enslaved, and gives hope to the hopeless.  What an exciting reality!  Thank you for praying for this ministry!


  1. Anonymous10:27 AM

    Toda la gloria y onra le pertenece a Dios,,gracias por tremenda lavor que estan haciendo en mi querido pueblo del cual dije jamas volver,,ahora sirviendo a Cristo mi amor es grande y mi deceo es estar a su dispocision,,

  2. Gracias, Heriberto, por venir tu y tu esposa. Tu testimonio ha impactado y seguirá impactando a vidas para Cristo!