Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Pastor Mariano Riscajche in Nayarit

Just over a year ago, Pastor Gollo and Centro Cristiano Cofradia joined a Pastor's Alliance here in the region.  That Pastor's Alliance hosted an Evangelistic Crusade with Mariano Riscajche from Almolona, Guatemala.  If you have not heard of what God has done in that city, you need to Google it!  Pastor Riscajche was one of 5 pastors whom God used to bring glory to Himself and literally transform that place.  The fruits and vegetables that come out of there are jumbo sized and more than plentiful.  They went from one or two truckloads of produce a week to various truckloads a day.  It has been mentioned that there are no bars, no police, and no violence at all!  Places where there were bars have been turned into church buildings.  People are being healed and raised from the dead.
Pastor Mariano Riscajche at the Tuxpan Baseball Stadium
Pastor Riscajche mentioned that he has been personally involved in 37 resurrections with the latest being this past December 31.  He shared of a young man who fell 30 feet as they were preparing for an event.  His body was crumpled.  After 20 minutes of no response, the doctors pronounced him dead.  They began to pray for him to return and to the doctors' surprise, the young man started breathing again.  After the doctors mentioned it was better for him if he had died because of the injuries, Pastor Riscajche asked for permission to see him.  When he got to the room he was in, the young man was wheaping because of the pain and Pastor Riscajche grabbed him, hugged him, and told him to declare, "There's nothing wrong with me!"  As the young man struggled getting the words out, he repeated that phrase over and over again.  The next day, the young man was walking around as if nothing had happened.

Incredible stories that you don't hear every day.  Instead, they sound like something you'd read in the New Testament.

On Friday, February 15th, Pastor Riscajche had a word with Pastors and Leaders.  In the evening there was an general service for anyone to come to.  Many people were touched by the Lord, one of which was an elderly lady from Cofradía (Horacio's mother-in-law) who has had pain as she walks for a year.  She was healed that night and has not used her cane since.  She is telling everyone what God has done for her.

It was an amazing and inspiring time.
Time with the Leaders at Tuxpan Town Hall
General service at the Tuxpan Baseball Stadium

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