Friday, September 06, 2013

What is EL RETO?

EL RETO (The Challenge) started in 2005 and is an event that reaches out to youth in Mexico.  As we get them involved in group activities, they learn teamwork skills, leadership skills, how to work out relational difficulties, and most importantly to us, they learn about God’s love for them.  This is an event that not only the youth benefit from, but the adults who donate their time as Staff learn many of the same things.  The children see the activities and can’t wait until they’re old enough to participate.

The activities we use look like what you might see on Survivor, Amazing Race, and Fear Factor.  We have six teams and we meet every Saturday for 6 weeks starting on the last Saturday of August.  It catches the participants' attention through things like a hidden treasure they search for throughout the week(s), trying to read the clues to the treasure through a code language as they buy letters with points they accumulate, voting for other teams to have to do the chores (instead of voting them out of the game), the competition of the activities, applying every day principles through those activities, meeting new people, hanging out at the end of each week in a time of "Refuge" with free food and drinks, and many more exciting adventures.  Each year more and more students get involved as other churches have begun to participate with us.

It is an event that costs us $2000 dollars.  Please help us reach out to the youth of Mexico.  Click here to make your EL RETO donation.

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