Thursday, September 04, 2014

EL RETO 2014 - WEEK 1

EL RETO / THE CHALLENGE has begun in Cofradia.  148 young people gathered together from 11 different cities and towns from throughout this part of the state.  This first week of the 6 week event focuses on forming team identities through working together in various different activities and games.  

Each team has a name chosen from a story in the Bible that has to do with Respect: The Servants of the Lord, The Obedient Servants, The Over-comers, The Humble Ones, The Indestructible Ones, and The Triumphant Ones.

This year, the students are learning to show respect to one another and themselves as we confront the issue of bullying.  Pastor Luis shared an excellent message using the acrostic "RETO".  R-Respect; E-Integrity (The spanish word was "Entereza"); T-Tolerance; O-Obedience.

In the end, many shouted out for Jesus to take hold of their lives!

Here's the video of what went on the first week...

You can make a difference in a young person's life!

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