Wednesday, September 10, 2014

EL RETO 2014 - WEEK 2

Week #2 has come and gone.  After taking role call and sharing some announcements, the students made their way outside the church property for the game of "Gladiators."  This is very similar to the show American Gladiators where they shoot tennis balls at people as they try to make it through an obstacle course.  We don't use tennis balls, we use water balloons and it is always a huge hit each year; this year, we changed it a little.  Instead of setting up an obstacle course at the soccer court in Arrayanes, we had them run along side the church building using the palm trees as their protection.  This game shows a picture of how we need to be careful of the hurtful words that come our way.  Many of us have experienced "bullying" at one time in our life, especially for being a Christian-that was one of the biggest struggles for me growing up in school…Public and Christian.  We have a choice.  Are we going to let those hurtful words mold us and detain the growth of our relationship with Christ?  Are we going to get offended and fight back?  Or, are we going to forgive even though we've been "hit" by a "balloon"?  I think Christ showed the ultimate example as people mocked him before they crucified him to a "short-lived" death.  He forgave them.  He was obedient to His Father.  And, He is no longer dead, but rose again on the third day.  In THAT is where our Faith as Christians gives us Hope.

The second activity was another big hit that we do each year…The Banquet!  This shows that we need to do things we won't like to in our lifetime.  We always tell the students they don't have to eat it, but they do it anyway for their team!

We finished up the day with our hang-out time in "The Refuge", worship, a message from Pastor Luis, and then the teams voted for another team to do chores.
If you have access to Facebook, you can view all the photos of the Week #2 photo album here.

Here is the video for the second week…
semana#2 from macx on Vimeo.

You can make a difference in a young person's life!

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