Thursday, April 02, 2015

Awards Night - Student Ministry

This is the tenth year we've held an Awards Night for the Student Ministry.  What initially started as the Oscar Awards event brought to us by Cy-Fair Student Ministry has continued on as we recognize students who have stood out amongst the rest in their service, enthusiasm, leadership ability, and dedication to the Lord's work.

This year, four students received awards:

Enthusiasm Award.  This award goes to the person who shows a lot of spirit in the activities, isn't afraid to participate, and encourages others to join in.  This person is a spark in the youth group.  This year, this award went to...
Kenia Garzón
from Arrayanes
New Generation Award.  This award focusses on the new students who have joined the youth group this year just coming out of Elementary School.  The winner of this award has displayed leadership ability since joining the group and in the future could be part of the Student Leadership Team.  This year, this award went to...
Rebecka Silberman
from Cofradia
Servant Award.  This award goes to the person in the youth group who is always willing to help and shows great leadership within the group.  This person helps others with a selfless, servant attitude.  This year, this award went to...
Keren Vázquez
from Santa Fe
Brave Heart Award.  This award goes to the person who has shown a lot of growth in their walk with the Lord.  They have set examples for others and are willing to serve no matter what the cost.  This year, this award went to...
Martin Garzón
from Arrayanes
Thank you for your prayers and support of the Student Ministry of Centro Cristiano Cofradia.  Home of EL RETO!

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