Monday, May 25, 2015

Centro Cristiano Cofradia Baptisms

Four people were baptized on Sunday out in the San Pedro River south of Cofradia.  After the long, dusty, dirt/gravel road drive, we all met under neath the bridge of the freeway that connects Mazatlan and Tepic.

Here's what happened...
Three vehicles at the bridge already waiting for us, 3 more ahead of these two, and one more behind us.  10 vehicles to transport those of the church who went.


A few songs for worship...

After a brief message and explanation, prayer.

Hermana Alicia, gave her life to the Lord just recently and has been attending church for about two years.

Hermana Valeria prayed to ask Christ into her life in an EL RETO event in 2012.

Hermana Lupita is from Arrayanes and accepted Christ has her Lord a couple years ago as well.

Hermano Marco Polo is from Cofradia and Pastor Goyo's nephew.  I, as well as others, did personal studies with Marco Polo 18 years ago.  I believed back then and still do that he has great potential in leadership.  Great guy!  Because of negative, family pressure, he only recently accepted Christ as his Savior.  He's been attending church for just a few months.

L to R: Pastor Luis, Pastor Goyo, Marco Polo, Pastor Horacio, Lupita, Valeria, Alicia.

Hanging out afterwards with tamales and horchata (rice water).

Rut, Isaac, and Pedro

The only pet invited...
It was a great morning and afternoon!

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