Tuesday, July 03, 2018

Traveling Adventures to Washington

Our trip started on June 17 while we were still in Cofradia.  The church service was on Father's Day, but we had a number of activities that day as well.  

This year, we recognized those who participated in the 13-week Freedom in Christ discipleship course.

We had a number of people be baptized including our daughter Rebecka.


After the service, we rented some toys for the kids to play on...
Even Pastor Amado got into the action!
Just after the church service on June 17, we hit the road to stay with our friends the Robles Family and the Quintero family in La Cruz, Sinaloa.  That gave us a head start to cross the border the next day and stay in Green Valley, Arizona, at my former High School teacher Konopaski's condo.

The next morning we stopped in Tucson for lunch and continued on to Flagstaff for dinner and stay the night.  Making our way to Salt Lake City, we headed to the Grand Canyon via Williams, AZ.  We drove through town admiring the decorated buildings of the famous Route 66.
After stopping at the National Geographic Gift shop to watch a movie about the Grand Canyon, we entered the park to get a room at the Yavapai Lodge.  Then, spent a couple of days mini-hiking and taking pictures of the big 'ol crack in the ground.   Our first impression was, "WOW!".  It is definitely big and scary looking up close (I'm not a fan of heights) knowing that every year, someone falls down to their death.  It really is pretty impressive!
Our first look! 
A mini-hike panoramic

Right in the center is the roughest rapids of the Colorado River
The next night we stayed at the Cameron Motel before heading to the North Rim of the Canyon via Marble Canyon and arrived in Salt Lake City with our friends the Ongs.  We stayed in Salt Lake for four nights as we visited with the team that will be joining us in November to build a house and was able to greet the congregation during the services on Sunday.  We also had time to go hiking up to Alta and Donut Falls as well as swimming at the outdoor community pool with the Orr family.
The Well Church in Salt Lake City
@ Donut Falls
From Salt Lake City, we headed to Jerome, Idaho, to visit a college friend and his family, the Scarrows.  We had a great time catching up; it was so good to see him and meet his family.  He showed us the Dairy Farm that he and his brother run the next morning before we headed to Kennewick, WA.  In Kennewick, we stayed at the Best Western and visited with the Leakes.  I haven't seen them in ages either.  From there, we headed to Goldendale, Washington, to stay with the Schillings.  Loved the openness and felt right at home in the "small town" atmosphere.  

Our final two days took us through Selah, WA, and was able to visit my former elementary school teacher, Mr. Platt.  I have not seen him since grade school!  Great to see him and Dr. Bethel over lunch before we headed to Auburn, WA, to visit and stay with Geña's sister and her family.

Finally, we arrived at my parents' house on Saturday night, after 14 days on the road and over 3,000 miles.  

It was a special treat to see everyone and the sights on the way.  We appreciate all of you who pray for us and invest in our ministry.

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