Friday, August 24, 2018

Pastors' Meeting--La Cofradia United

We began to meet every couple of months with the primary pastors of the ministries that we work with throughout the region.  As we returned from our very busy two months in the states, we met with 7 of the 8 primary pastors for a time of encouragement and accountability.  I love these times!  It's energizing to me to hear about how pastors are doing as well as when they humbly open up about personal struggles.  "La Cofradia United" literally means "The United Brotherhood", and that's the name of our ministry.  Romans 15:5-7 talks about how God allows us to be united and challenges us to accept one another just as Christ accepts us.  We want to Raise Up Leaders and Extend the Kingdom of God everywhere.  As pastors unite, we can do this more effectively; for it is the Kingdom of God we are working for, not our own. 
LEFT TO RIGHT: Pastor Gregorio Hernández (Cofradia); Pastor Ruben Perez (Las Varas/Mazatan/Compostela); Pastor Abraham Garcia (Compostela/Mazatlan/Las Varas); Pastor Luis Vazquez (Cofradia); Missionary Steve Silberman (Cofradia); Jonatan (Friend from Las Varas); Pastor Amado Verdin (Rosamorada); Pastor Frank Uribe (Rosamorada). 

Thank you so much for your prayers over these fellows.  May the Holy Spirit continue to guide and may we all be willing to listen and obey with a readiness to serve.

If you would like to make a much needed contribution to them, please indicate "Pastors" or one of the specific names at this link.


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