Wednesday, October 10, 2018

The Uribe family working in Paramitas

Over twenty years ago, Pastor Francisco Uribe of Rosamorada accepted the Lord's calling on his life and began to pastor a church.  For many years he would come to visit us in Cofradia, sometimes riding his bike on the nearly twenty-kilometer (about 12 miles) dirt road.  On occasions, we would go and speak or lead worship at his church. He wanted to be part of what we were doing, but it was not the Lord's timing as our ministry at the time was still forming and not in a position to expand into Rosamorada.  Thus, he felt "left out." 

After pastoring the denominational church in Rosamorada for many years, he accepted an invitation to start a work in Tijuana.  It was not at all what they were expecting and it became one of the biggest trials their family had to endure.  A little over four years ago, they returned to their home in Rosamorada, but not the church as a new pastor within their denomination had taken over.

Last year, Pastor Francisco and his wife took part in our thirteen-week Freedom in Christ discipleship course.  It was there that the trust in our relationship with them took giant steps forward.  We saw a hurting pastor who had been through a series of rejections for many years and in need of being ministered to.  Today, they form part of our ministry, La Cofradia United, and our relationship continues to grow through visits and assuring them of our love for them. 

Pastor Francisco and his family minister each week to children in the town of Paramitas which is very close to Rosamorada and again in La Colonia of Rosamorada in the evening with the help of some other adults.  They have a Bible study in their home on Sunday morning and attend Pastor Amado's church in the evening.

The other day, Geña and I visited with them as they ministered to the children in Paramitas.  They have been doing this for four years moving from borrowed property to borrowed property.  At the moment, someone is letting them use a house whose owners are in the states.  There is a one-room building they use for storing materials and chairs as they meet each week under a huge tree in the yard.
Storage room
Bible study under the tree.

Their hope is to instill God's love and promises in these children.  Their desire is to be able to do this in a number of different places, but because of their limited resources and no vehicle, they cannot expand. 

I made a short video clip of our time with them and as you will see, they are in need of a number of things: chairs, tables, and a vehicle.  Eventually, they would like to have a place that they can call their own in order to minister.  They do this out of their own pocket.

If you would like to help them in any way, contact me 
or send a gift at this link for "Cofradia Francisco".

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