Wednesday, December 05, 2018

The Oronia Flores Family Receives a House

Orlando Oronia and his wife Carmen were the most recent recipients of a house through our Dwellings ministry in Cofradia.  Orlando had contemplated going to the United States for contract work, but decided to stay in Cofradia with his family in hopes that, little by little, he could build them a house.

Here is their profile as candidates for a house:

Olrando Oronia, of Cofradía, and Carmen Flores, of Las Peñas, have three chilren: Yeremi, Zoe, and Omar.

When Orlando and Carmen married, they were living with his parents, as is the custom, but it was very difficult because of conflicts between Orlando's mother and Carmen.  They borrowed another house for a while, but when Orlando’s job ended, they went to live in the city, which was very difficult for Carmen and their children. Some time later, Orlando’s father was diagnosed with cancer, and before he died, he bequeathed to Orlando and his family a plot of land for them to live on.  Through much effort, they were able to build a small one-room house with walls made of sticks and mud and a palm-thatched roof.  This is where they currently live.

For them, having a cement block home would be a great blessing because they live very close to brush-filled hills in an area prone to fires, causing them to live in constant fear for their home and their lives.  Orlando has considered going to the U.S. as a contracted laborer in order to earn enough to build a safer home for his family, especially when his children beg him for a room of their own, but they have determined that it would be not only sad but unwise to leave his family alone for so long, especially since they cannot count on any help from their families.

We love the moment we get to share with the families they have been chosen by a team to receive a house.  It's always a true joy!  Here is a video of when we spoke with them to give them the news.  (The sound quality is horrible, but there are sub-titles).

The Well Church from Salt Lake City, Utah, chose the Oronia Flores family, raised the funds, and came down to build them a house.

It was one week of a lot of work and a lot of fun as they got to work along side the family and a few locals.  In the process, they made some great relationships with each other and the locals.  

Every stage is fun, but the best part of it all is when the keys are handed over to the family and anyone who wants can share a few words about their experience and encouragement to the family.  Those are moments that are unforgettable!  The impact that strangers from a different country can have on a few lives is incredible!  This family was blessed beyond belief as they still cannot believe what just happened.

Witchcraft is very common in these parts, some of the older generation still think it's normal to consult someone who practices those things.  The people who lived in their old house before them were indigenous witches and wizards.  It was usual for Orlando and Carmen to see shadows in their house, small dwarf-like creatures, they both fought a lot, and there was animosity between Carmen and his mother.

Right as we began to start setting the blocks with the team on Sunday afternoon, we all prayed over the area proclaiming freedom and blocking out any distractions or influences by these demonic creatures who have "resided" in that location.  The build went really smooth and was very peaceful.

Now, after a couple of weeks of living in the house, Orlando says this, "We sleep so well now, we don't hear any strange noises, the kids play peacefully, we hardly ever fight anymore, and my wife has reconciled with my mom, my mom even comes to visit us now.  Our lives have changed!"

We encourage Orlando and his wife to continue to seek God and give Him their lives.  Only the blood of Jesus will keep those things from returning.

Here are some photos of the build that some of the team members took:
getting started

building up the wall

Carmen shaving a block

forming for the bond beam

Orlando and Carmen smoothwalling

Praying for the family

Pastor Luis handing over the keys

Entering their new house for the first time


We still have some more families who cannot afford to build a house and need your help.  This is a great opportunity to help someone and change their lives, and share God's love.

Email me if you are interested in helping.  You can put together a team or donate to help another team raise the funds.


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