Tuesday, April 23, 2019



As we mentioned in our latest update, this July we will be entering into a season of rest, study, and spending time with supporters during the next school year in order to strengthen our spiritual, mental, and physical health as a family and as missionaries. We want to share with you a little deeper about why we are doing this and let you know some of our needs during the next year.

After months of prayer and seeking God's discernment, we are feeling God is calling us to this time of rest and renewal.  During these months, we have set personal and ministry goals for ourselves that we believe will enhance our lives as a family and as missionaries.  We will spend two months (August and September) on a sabbatical to rest, study, and strengthen family ties including providing the girls time with their grandparents.

After the sabbatical, starting in October, we will have scheduled visits with churches and individuals to share reports of God's faithfulness in Alternative Missions/La Cofradía United and offer opportunities how one can partner with us as we continue to Raise up Leaders in Rural Mexico.  Along with visiting our supporters, we will be observing other ministries to learn how they operate, update our ministry website, and study certain topics and skills that will help us improve as missionaries.  Finally, Geña and I will make several trips to Cofradía for scheduled short-term mission teams as we continue to foster those relationships as well as prepare for our return in July of 2020.

"And my God will supply all your needs according to His riches in glory in Christ Jesus." Philippians 4:19

We have three major needs at this point:
1) Our greatest need will be finances during the next year: July 2019 through July 2020 (13 months).  After receiving council from a number of friends and family members, we have come to realize that our budget for next year will increase by $3,000 a month due to rent ($2,000 a month in Kitsap County) and other expenses that come along with living in the states (Insurances, Utilities, extra travel expenses, and more).

This is a temporary budget goal for only 13 months that we believe is very reachable with your help. We are asking 30 of you to consider a one-time gift of $1,300 or a $100 monthly pledge, or more, through July 2020. If you already give to our family, would you consider what you could do to help us by raising your donation for these 13 months? If you have not had the opportunity to join our financial support team, would you consider making a one-time gift or a 13-month commitment?

We have raised $3,600 with an additional $1,300 pledged leaving us with $34,100 left to reach our goal (see chart).

2) Another great need is housing.  As one of our goals is for our girls to be close to family during this year, we would like to be in the vicinity of Silverdale, Washington. If you are aware of any availability for housing, please let us know by email.

3) Finally, please pray for us during this transition.  Pray for us as we organize things in Mexico to be ready for our absence.  Pray for our finances and housing for the 13 months and wisdom with school enrollment for the girls.

Will you join us by being part of our Sabbath Support?

THANK YOU VERY MUCH! We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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