Wednesday, December 02, 2020

Thanksgiving Dinner 2020

Friday night (Nov. 27) we hosted a dinner for the families of four pastors and other leaders. It was a wonderful time of fellowship with 35 people including children. I shared a little about America’s true history of when the Pilgrims first came and how the first Thanksgiving feast was celebrated. We went around the room and shared with each other what we are thankful for and it was probably the highlight of the evening. People are mainly thankful for being able to be part of a ministry where people genuinely love God. We are thankful for all of our brothers and sisters who came and it was a great blessing to be able to celebrate and be thankful to God together.


Geña cooked two turkeys, five pies, and a number of other things over the period of two days while Emma decorated the house with a little help from her sister, Mackenzie. I made the coffee .


Thank you to all whom pray for our family and our local pastors here in La Cofradía United. We are blessed because of you and are thankful for your partnership as we Raise Up Leaders in Rural Mexico together.

Here are some pics from the evening...


  1. Not sure if you check these comments, but I just wanted to say ....I MISS YOU GUYS!
    Hola y Dios les bendiga a todos!
    Thank you for sharing and know that Kelly, Naya, Mia, y yo are all praying for each family in that photo.

    Love you all,

    1. Hello Lain!! and Kelly and the girls!
      We miss you guys, too!
      Blessings to your family this Christmas!