Wednesday, December 02, 2020

Grace Conference 2020

It is always a joy to be able to share about God's love and grace. This course on Grace has impacted my life personally as it has opened my eyes up to how much God really loves us. Just the fact that He loved us even when He was the last thing on our mind is incredible. He loves us, accepts us, and wants the best for us. That is a great motivation for loving Him.

This conference is supposed to be extended to 6 or 7 weeks of meetings. Because of so many that come from out of town, we have done this over a period of three days.

The message is that we love and obey God because we want to, not because we "have to." It's an amazing thing to understand God's love for us. Once we do, we will be motived by love instead of the false motivations that we get tangled into sometimes: guilt, shame, fear, pride.

Freedom in Christ is accessible. It's a freedom to obey God and not be enslaved by sin anymore.

Thank you for investing in God's Kingdom and helping us Raise Up Leaders in Rural Mexico.

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