Wednesday, January 12, 2022

Pastors' Perspectives 2022-1

These are bi-anual reports where our Cofradia United Pastors share what the Lord is doing in their areas and how you can pray for them. Thank you for your partnership as we continue to see the Kingdom of God advance.

Pastor Gregorio Hernández
Lead Pastor of Centro Cristiano Cofradia
Cofradia, Nayarit 

Thank you,


Greetings to all who have prayed and supported the development and growth of this ministry of Centro Cristiano la Cofradía United. This past year’s theme was titled, “Walking in the Faith of Jesus.” Throughout the entire year, the church has focused and shared on what it is like to walk in this supernatural faith. We believe that God is working in the lives of our brothers and sisters in Christ with the intention of the church understanding their identity, the position and the function of the spirit, soul and body. We taught a class from June 1stto October 3rd called "Sprit, Soul, and Body" with reference to a book with that same title by Andrew Wommack. It was very beneficial for the 22 participants that were involved in the class as they grew throughout the teachings. A second semester will be taking place and we hope that more people will join the program. 


Regarding the children’s breakfast that takes place five days a week, the purpose of it was to teach the children Christian values as well as moral values. This also encourages us to feed them not only physically but also spiritually and morally, especially because it is needed today. The children’s breakfast will continue to occur, and we are trying to set up new locations during this year. One of the places that we are looking forward to is Arrayanes with the hope that not only children but also adults come to the breakfast kitchen so we can minister to them. 


This next year of 2022 the theme that the church will have is “Time to fish.” Our hope is that we can encourage our brothers in Christ to visit each other and the people around town who don’t come to church so that they can come to know Jesus. As a pastor, I would love to work with some brothers to encourage their growth in leadership. 


Thank you all very much for your prayers and financial support for the development of the leadership and progress of Centro Cristiano La Cofradia United. 


Pastor Luis Vazquez
March 1, 1979 - September 9, 2021

As many of you know, Pastor Luis went to be with the Lord on September 9. This was very hard for many of us. He was an excellent friend, phenomenal teacher, and a very hard worker.

This has woken up many of our leaders to see new opportunities to help and the need for training up leaders.


Pastor Horacio Garzón
Indigenous Ministries
Centro Cristiano Arrayanes Facilitator
Cofradia, Nayarit

Dear brothers in Christ, 


It is a pleasure to greet you once again. I thank God for this opportunity to express my sincere gratitude. I hope that you are all in great health especially because of these times that we are in with the ongoing pandemic. 

I recently lost my father this past November as well as Pastor Luis Vazquez. They will both be missed. I was also infected by the COVID 19 virus last August, but thankfully I made a full recovery and there was a lack of nothing when quarantining. 

Brothers, thank you for the financial support, and I thank the God for your hearts which are a blessing. I also want to comment that the ministry is still going strong despite everything that has happened. We know that in everything God is working. I also had the privilege of receiving two discipleships in the past six months which were a great blessing. This next year will be filled with new purposes. 

My wife Maria and my daughter Kenia send their greetings. Kenia is currently enrolled in a private school studying nursing. 


Again, thank you and blessings


Pastor Amado Verdin
Lead Pastor of Casa de Oración, La Hermosa
Director of Restoration Center, El Faro de Esperanza
Rosamorada, Nayarit


The Church: In the building, we have installed new lights and received donation of a phone for the online transmissions of our church services.   


We participated in the Freedom in Christ Conference in Cofradía and we continue to instruct and prepare the leadership in the church, encouraging the congregation to become preachers. 


After the catastrophic occurrence in the state of Nayarit caused by rain, the church formed a community service group and helped the many people affected in the city of Tuxpan.


There was a van donated to us fro the completion of tasks and needs of the church and the Restoration House. However, since then, the motor has had some problems and is in need of repair.

Some necessities that the church is facing are the construction of the men and women’s restroom and there is a bodega needed for the keeping of the sound equipment. 


The Restoration House: An intern graduated last November of 2021 after 5 months of being with us. He is 21 years of age who had a drug addiction. Throughout this period, there were restoration manuals that were shared with him along with the Freedom in Christ course. He was offered carpentry classes, basic mechanical sessions and a cooking course. Now, he is currently enrolled in higher education pursuing his preparation for a carrier and incorporating himself once again into society.  


There is a family being restored where the father, mother and the children were all experiencing drug addiction. They all used to attend a church and the father use to be one of the church’s musicians. Now they all attend church regularly again and throughout the week they are part of the restoration course.



We also attended a conference that was intended for the purpose of training the individuals which are part of the House of Restoration personnel. 


As far as necessities for the Center of Restoration, there are two single mattresses needed as well as kitchen utensils.


The negotiation for the purchase of the land is still being looked for, we ask for prayer for this.


Pastor Ruben Perez

Lead Pastor of Restauración y Vida Nueva

Church Plant Pastor in Mazatan, Nayarit
Las Varas, Nayarit

Blessings to all,

We are Restoration and Life Ministries in Las Varas, Nayarit, Mexico.

We have services every Sunday for our community in our local church and we are taking the Word of God to two towns during the week: Mesillas and Mazatán, Nayarit. We thank you for your prayers and support.



Pastor Jimmy Orozco
Lead Pastor of Renuevo United
Tepic, Nayarit

We are Renuevo United Church and are very excited!


Our team consists of young leaders and our vision is to reach children for Christ to raise up leaders and be the best men and women they can be on earth. We have been working together as a team in different towns and cities taking the gospel of Jesus Christ to reach children and their parents.


We are excited because we started a School of Music for the children and had a great response with 19 participants. They finished their first unit in December and presented their songs at our special Christmas service.


Pastors Jimmy and Perla

Renuevo United Tepic

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