Thursday, March 14, 2024

Healing in Boca de Camichin, Nayarit

Prayer for healing
Testimony of Healing
A few weeks ago when my mom and Rebecka were visiting, we accompanied Pastor Amado to the coastal town of Boca de Camichin that he visits and ministers at every two weeks. When we were there, Pastor Amado had prayed for a lady named Teresa. She had a tumor in her neck next to her jaw. The doctors told her it was malignant and cancerous. Just recently, we received word that the malignant tumor near her jaw had changed to benign. No cancer any more! Praise the Lord!

Thank you for your partnership with this ministry as you pray for each of the pastors as they go about their ministries. Their ability to travel and preach in different places is provided by your financial help. Thank you for being a blessing to not only the pastors and this ministry, but the people who get ministered to as well. Teamwork!

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