Thursday, June 27, 2024

Quick Trip to Mexico and Back

We had such a great time returning to Mexico for 10 days. It was the first time in a really long time that I was in Cofradia without a pressing agenda. I felt like I was on vacation! It was very relaxing...until the very end when things got really busy and didn't have time to finish a few things that were on my "non-pressing" agenda LOL.

We began our trip flying into Puerto Vallarta where Jimmy and Perla were waiting to host us for the night. We had a great time catching up and a long conversation in the morning about ministry, personal life, and future hopes and dreams. It was a true blessing to be with them.

With Jimmy and Perla's family
Jimmy and Perla blessed us with loaning us their car for the whole week so we would have the freedom to make stops along the way as we travelled to Cofradia the next day and not have to use the bus to go to and from Cofradia on our way back to Puerto Vallarta the next weekend.

This gave us the opportunity to visit with Pastor Ruben and Valeria in Las Varas. We took them out to lunch at the beach and enjoyed time with them as we talked with them also about ministry, personal life, and future hopes.
With Pastor Ruben and Valeria at Chocala Beach, Nayarit
Alan and Carito came to visit us on Sunday, but before that, we enjoyed a long breakfast with them in Tepic on Friday with much of the same type of conversations about ministry, personal life, and future hopes.
With Alan and Carito at Centro Cristiano Cofradia
The night before we left to return to Cofradia, we visited with Pastor Amado and his family. Not much personal time with them, but it was a blessing to be all together in family at his Mom's house enjoying a meal made by his son and some good coffee!
With Pastor Amado and family in Rosamorada, Nayarit
And, of course, with the advantage of living in the same town, we had multiple evenings with Pastor Goyo and Mati as we played cards and talked a lot about ministry. It is a blessing to know that the ministry is in good hands when we're away. Pastor Goyo and his wife are gems for Jesus! In passing, we were able to visit with many other people as they stopped in or were already there. What a blessing they are!
With Pastor Goyo and Mat at their house in Cofradia
Some of the other things we were able to do was visit the Tuesday night Bible Study Pastor Goyo leads, visit with the family who received a house in February, and touch base with some of the people who received glasses in April. I also met with Diego who is helps us with the House Building Ministry as we continue to work on the profiles of the eligible candidates and making note of what others need in order to become eligible. Geña was able to meet with the women two times to make soap, something that they are excited about to possibly become a source of income for them and their families. Finally, I had the privilege of sharing on Sunday something I've grown passionate about these past few months...Deuteronomy! There is so much in there and what a blessing this book is to us when you can see it through the lens of the New Testament.
Tuesday Night Bible Study w/Pastor Goyo

Visit with Zeferina and her daughter, the recipients of the house in February

Making soap with the women

Preaching on Sunday

Thank you for your partnership and prayers!!

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