Monday, June 13, 2005

Crossing the Border

We finally finished with all of our errands Tuesday afternoon and headed to the US/Mexican border one hour south of Tucson. I was a little worried about how full the truck was and the barrell we had strapped to the top of the canopy. I posted this day and asked for your prayers, if you saw it and prayed, thank you! We prayed for a safe crossing and that we would get "green lights." There are two stops you need to make when crossing the border in Nogales. Each time you need to pass through a lane that gives you a random red light or green light. I really didn't want the red light just because I didn't want to have to unload the truck and then load it again. My first experience at this in 1996 was not fun. I ended up paying duty on personal items because the border officials thought I was taking some stuff down to sell. Anyway, that was an odd time, it hasn't been like that since. We got TWO green lights and had no problems all the way to Cofradia. We didn't have to unload the truck until we got home. PRAISE THE LORD!!

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