Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Strategy Meeting

Our strategy meeting this morning went very well. Talking about vision and how to get there excites me a lot. We spent most of our time on four specific topics:

1) Children's Sunday School--we are in need of dividing the toddler through 6th grade Sunday School class and we have decided to make a Toddler class, K-3rd grade class, and 4th-6th grade class. Gena will be teaching the 4th-6th graders for our trial run until the beginning of August. I should be a lot of fun.

2) Construction projects--We are always hosting teams that come down and are excited to help out with construction. Next week Jeff Duchemin's group from Bethany Assembly in Everett, WA will be coming down. After they leave, we have a group from Canyon Hills Church in Bothel, WA coming down. we have three major projects we need to work on: 1) Finishing an all-purpose sports court on the Arrayanes church property, 2) putting up a brick wall on a section of our Cofradia property to give more privacy and avoid distractions, and 3) We want to build an actual Church building here in Cofradia. This sounds like a lot of fun.

3) Discipleship programs--We'll be talking more about this on Friday, but it looks like we'll be using a new believers' program that Hosanna Assembly in Bellevue uses with Pastor Rafael Gradilla, then on to using the 2:7 courses for further discipleship and training courses. This is very exciting to me.

4) Our Resources--We are all planning on making proposal packets for the needs of the church and ministry here for Alternative Missions Cofradia. Things like financing the new church building, Scholarships for student's higher education, and vehicles (a truck for Arrayanes and a passenger vehicle for the ministry as a whole). Can you help with any of these?

Anyway, that sums up our meeting. We had a great time.

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