Monday, June 13, 2005

Our Trip down to Cofradia

Our trip was quick with a lot of driving and visiting. We would have loved to been able to visit more with people and visit more people. However, everything went smoothly and we were blessed on our trip down. We took off around 6pm June 1st from Silverdale, WA with hopes of getting to Sacremento, CA by noon the next day. We drove until we couldn't anymore and slept for a couple of hours at the first rest area we came to in Northern California. We continued on in the morning and we made it to Sacremento by, yes, noon. We stayed that night with Gena's sister Esperanza and her family. This is also were Gena's mother, Rufina, lives. It's actually not Sacremento, but Lincoln, CA. I'll post some pictures...

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