Tuesday, July 05, 2005


Something that we've been battling for the past few days is lack of electricity. The town has electricity, but our connection to the house is loose and I don't want to play with hot wires...especially as I'm sweating on an alluminum ladder. We went to town yesterday to see if they would come out and fix it, they said they would, but it's not fixed. We weren't here most of the day, so we don't know if they showed up. I'm not sure about how the electricity works in the states, I hear it's a little different. But we have four lines that run by the house on our street. One is nuetral that is also used for ground, and three are hot. We have hooked up to two of them in order to have 220 power. We have the capability of using welders and such, but the main purpose for the the two lines is that here, one line might have power while the other line still has power. So we wired the house with two lines, at the moment, only half of the house has power because of the loose connection. I had to change a couple of things in order to have the most important stuff plugged in, but it'll be nice to have the two lines again. We already have insufficient electricity because of the transformer that's up the street. The Power Company is hopefully going to be puting a new one in that will be able to handle and produce more power. There is a guy up the street as well that is starting a welding business and when he welds, the lights go dim, the tv goes dim, many things don't work like they're supposed to. Anyway, this is just one of the crazy things of life in Mexico.

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