Wednesday, July 27, 2005

The Talk of the Town

I'm not sure how far this news will go out, probably just local, maybe it will make it statewide.

Yesterday, a truck full of, etc. for the little stores in the area, was distributing on it's normal route. I actually saw the truck as I was picking up youth in Arrayanes for music practice. It was at one of the stores there, and the policeman that rode with the truck was sitting alongside the front of the store. They have a policeman for protection because this area is known for people robbing drivers of their money.

I arrived in Cofradia after music practice about two hours later. I saw a police truck driving pretty fast and thought it was odd...however, they do drive fast just because they can sometimes. A little while later, I went up to the church and there were a number of police trucks and a hurst in front of the door to the church. Come to find out that some Indians in the area had tried to rob the truck on its way down from Agua Aceda (an Indian village where we occasionally minister). The truck got shot at, but didn't stop. The policeman died and the driver was hit, but he made it to the clinic. I don't know any more about the situation, just that it was the talk of the town last night...and today.

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