Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Muggy Morning

It rained last night so this morning is nice and muggy. I took a shower and five minutes later I was sweaty and I hadn't done a thing! Anyway, all for God's glory, right!

Last Saturday Gena and I started our level 3 for the youth in our discipleship program. 10 of the 11 graduates of the previous level will be taking the class. My prayer is that they all maintain their enthusiasm. It was a surprise to see a couple of them arrive because we met at 7:30am and since there is no school, they're now used to getting up around 10am or later. That was also encouraging because it shows dedication.

On Sunday, we started level 1 with some youth in Sunday School and the adults in the evening. The Arrayanes chruch will start tonight and their youth will start next Sunday. Things are moving right along and this is something very exciting to me because to me this helps a lot of people to dig deeper into the things of God and develop healthy habits.

Yesterday we went to Tepic and ordered some rustic furniture (dresser/closet; bookshelf--my office is in tremendouse need of one) and a couple other smaller things. We found a carpenter who will make this stuff pretty inexpensive.

Back at the computer today and getting things ready for the week and weekend. Now that we've started the discipleship program, there's lots of "homework" to do.

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