Thursday, November 03, 2005

Catching Up

We're still here! I've been a little busy with lots of things going on (a normal thing). Last week Pastor Goyo and I semi-finished there bathroom (the sink connection is left) and tomorrow I hope to get the roof on our carport...something that has been waiting for a while. We also got a piece on our truck fixed that stahled us in some errands last week. Fun stuff!

On Monday we went to Tepic to get a few things done in town. I had a Dr. Appointment for my ear with a specialist. Great doctor and I was very pleased with how he treated me and the advice he gave me. As he was looking in my ear, there was a camera attatched to the tool he was looking through, so I was able to watch everything he did! It was really cool! He showed me what the problem was (fungus) and he cleaned it up and gave me some instructions for the next SIX months. I was very pleased.

Gena also went to the Dr. for the new baby. Everything is going well.

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