Thursday, November 03, 2005

Youth Worship Leaders!

The Youth have been growing leeps and bounds! I'm pretty excited about what the future is bringing. Gena and I will be going to Washington in February to have the baby. Meanwhile, there will not be a worship leader here in Cofradia nor in Arrayanes for the Sunday Services. When I let the youth know that, one of the girls said she would give it a try (something I have been hoping and praying for). Last Sunday, we were singing a worship song and I stopped and told her to continue...she did great! I was actually really surprised. So, we'll be working with her to develop some more skills and she'll be leading worship in Arrayanes church while we're gone. That left only Cofradia without a worship leader, I asked one of the youth if he would be interested in first he said no, but I mentioned that Mili (the girl in Arrayanes) will be doing it there and that encouraged him...he wants to do it now (something I had been hoping and praying for). He is definately the leader of the band when I'm not around. Yesterday during music practice, I had him lead the band in one of the songs...he did a great job! He still has some skills to perfect as well, but the main ingredient is there for both of them...the heart!

Liliana Emilia "Mili"

Jose Angel "Chupa"

Please pray for these two individuals as they grow in the giftings.

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