Sunday, November 13, 2005

EL RETO FINAL (The Final Challenge)

The game ended today...

Cofradia... It ended very exciting and everyone got involved. We had three more students arrive that haven't been there for a while; it was great to have them there! It was a very good time of "teachable moments" that came up. One specifically was of someone cheating...what an opportunity to talk about how cheating does not help you in life--especially in your relationship with God. You cannot cheat your way to heaven, there is only ONE WAY--JESUS CHRIST! There were some other great moments and The Challenge turned out to be a great success of bringing back youth who haven't been involved for a while in Cofradia. The team that had a member cheat, lost.

Arrayanes... More teachable moments. Especially for one of the leaders who was struggling with her team's disunity and non-participation. Gena and I had a chance to talk with her before the church service about things that happen while we are in leadership. Sometimes it's very hard to be in leadership when most of your "team" is grumbling at you (sounds like a familiar Bible study--Moses??). The Challenge in Arrayanes did not have the excitment at the end like it did in Cofradia, but the team that was behind all evening was only behind a few points the whole time and they could never catch up. So, in spite of having a team that was, in general, non-participative, there was one member of that team who didn't want to lose and was faithful until the end and that team won.

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