Tuesday, December 26, 2006


MERRY CHRISTMAS! Our Christmas was very relaxing and we really enjoyed ourselves. We had some friends come to visit us who are staying in Mazatlan right now, Roger and Hazel Reeh, and we had a very, very nice visit. Rebecka and her cousin Luis both got bicycles and were really excited. They are already getting the hang of it really well. Luis couldn't believe it was for him, he said, "Is this really mine?" Later he told me that a bike is what he really wanted. "We would go to the store and they wouldn't buy me one, and they wouldn't buy me one, and they wouldn't buy me one, this is what I wanted." It was really cute. I'll try to have some pictures soon. We don't have much electricity right now, the town is having a "brown-out." God bless everyone!

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  1. Anonymous8:46 PM


    Thanks so much for the great hospitality and the wonderful visit. We just finished one of those good tamales for dinner. Do come for a visit when you can. Kisses to the girls.

    love, R&H.