Wednesday, December 27, 2006


Yesterday they fixed the power by the afternoon and we woke up again this morning to the same thing. The power is low, but we still have a little.

On Sunday, Christmas Eve, Roger and Hazel arrived in the afternoon just in time to go to church with us. We had an evening service with all the churches and a lot of testimonies, songs, dramas, and a great sermon by Pastor Gollo. We had been working with the youth for about a month and a halft on a drama that they did pretty good with.

Later on that evening we went to Gena's brother's house, Hugo and Norma, to a party/pinata/dinner they were having. The food was REALLY good; a cooked potato with cheese and carne asada on it accompanied with guacamole and Mexican Salsa. Then there were tomales...really good tomales.

In the morning is when Rebecka and Luis got their bicycles. They were and still are really excited.

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