Tuesday, May 29, 2007


Saturday night we had our monthly youth event, LIFE NIGHT. Each month we play a game called ¿Quién Quiere Quinientos? (Who Wants Five hundred?).
This is a take off of the famous “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?” There are ten questions and they get harder and harder starting out with a value of one peso (10 cents), and doubling after every question (1 peso-2 pesos-4-8-16…) all the way to 500 pesos ($50usd)! We started the game this year to help encourage them to be reading their bibles (all questions come from the bible). No one had won anything until last night. The rule is pretty much the same as the television show, but if you get a question wrong, you lose everything, you don’t get the safety net. For example, if you have answered the 16 peso question correctly you can take that if you decide not to answer the next question, 32 pesos. If they get the 32 peso question wrong, no 16 pesos! It’s a lot of fun and the youth really enjoy it.

Saturday night, Pastor Goyo’s youngest son, Goyo, won the opportunity to play the game. He was able to answer all the questions through #8 (125 pesos-$12.50). He wasn’t sure of the answer of the next question and decided to take the money (which turned out to be wise). Congratulations to Goyo for being the first contestant to win money.

By the way, all the money goes as a deposit in their name into an Investment program called INVERSION VIDA or LIFE INVESTMENT that Geña and I started for the students. They can save money to go to camps, outings, or any kind of activity with the youth group and we’ll give them interest as a bonus for saving. Saving money is not a popular thing around here (not to mention in many parts of Mexico). People get money and they spend it right away. So, the students are learning to be prudent (like ants) and save their money. All the money they save has to be used for activities with the youth group (which is called LIFE, therefore, LIFE INVESTMENT) in order to have the benefit of the interest Geña and I give them (3% per month).

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  1. Steve! Jill Riley (Llafet) here! I found you through Jeff Smith's MySpace link! Looks like you are doing great! I had no idea you were in missions. You have a BEAUTIFUL family.

    You can catch up wih me at myspace (ejillriley), jillriley.org, and jillriley.org/rileyfamily/ (for photos)

    I hope you are doing great.