Friday, May 11, 2007

Radio Show

Since January of this year, Pastor Gollo has been on the radio. Since the Mexican government does not allow religious groups to operate radio stations we rent air time for the local station in Ruiz. Each Thursday at 11:30 in the morning he hosts a half hour show called Restaurando Relaciones (Restoring Relationships). He wants to show that we all experience the impact of broken relationships in our lives, and that is the result of living a broken relationship with our Creator. However, our Creator desires to restore us to a right relationship with Him and as a result He will begin to restore the other broken relationships in our lives. His desire is to be able to extend the show to three times a week. You can listen online here. Click where it says, "XESK La Costeñita de Ruiz Nayarit en VIVO". You will need Winamp to listen. In order download that, click where it says, "Descargar Winamp."

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