Thursday, April 09, 2009

Oaxaca Update...

It is after 1:00am in Oaxaca and we're really tired, but very fulfilled!  We had an awesome time with the youth in San Juan Guelavia and our youth did a great job!  The morning leadership workshops went really well and the evening RETO was a lot of fun.  Our goal was to Serve, Give, and Connect.  It worked.  Many of the townspeople are very closed to Christians and do not want anything to do with us.  The major support we had in town was the main Authority.  He's not the Mayor, but he's close to second in command...kinda like a Judge.  We did everything on his property and his two teenagers were part of the events.  We had probably around 10-12 students from the town participate which is a pretty good turnout.  Durning the morning workshop, some of the guys went out to work on someone's home; Wednesday we all went out there to pour a floor at the home as "putting into practice" their service of leadership.  Everything went really well.  We had our debrief time that just ended about an hour ago and as always, it was the best part of the trip!  One of our students was impacted that "we came to serve, but we were served."  I love our kids!

Please pray for us as we'll be driving all day Friday and into the wee hours of Saturday morning.  

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