Friday, February 05, 2010

House Build for Lauro and Lucy

This morning the floor is being poured for the house that will be built through a ministry of Alternative Missions called Dwellings for Lauro and Lucy. They have been part of our congregation for various years now and they do not have a home. This is an awesome opportunity to bless someone that we would all agree is very deserving. This family NEVER seeks anything for their own gain; these are the kind of people that you really enjoy helping.

From February 13-20, we will have a team here to build their home. You can keep updated as Tom Hackett (the Founder of Alternative Missions and Dwellings) keeps everyone posted at the Dwellings' Blog.

Here are some pics from this morning...
Luis Vazquez is taking the lead for the build. Luis is also the Lead Youth Intern.
Lauro--pouring the bucket, is the recipient of the house. Chuy, another youth intern, is helping Luis level the floor.
We had a number of people out to help...Julio is one of the youth leaders.
Martin, another youth leader, is always willing to help.
Don José, Pastor Horacio's dad, came out to help as well. How many 89 year olds do you know can do this? Yes, that's right, he's 89!
Great turnout.
The floor is just about done.

Blessings to Lauro and Lucy!

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