Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Two More Accept Christ

Javier and Fabiola are one of the 14 couples who have signed up to get married on Valentine's Day. They are from Arrayanes (just north of Cofradía) and have attended church as a couple within the past few months.

On Sunday, they wanted to dedicate their two boys to the Lord (both toddlers) and Javier decided he wanted to accept Christ. As Jay mentioned this and offered for anyone else to receive Christ they were more than welcome. Mari came forward and made a declaration of faith at that moment. We all prayed together and welcomed our two new "siblings" in the Lord.

I do not know Mari's story, but here is what Kathy had to say about her...
"Her road to God is an interesting one. First, she began to play volleyball with us. Then she attended a couple of meetings put on for the ladies by Cy-Fair (STM). She also attended the distribution of the Operation Christmas Child (OCC) shoe boxes where a salvation message was given. At this event, she offered to donate two pinatas for the kids. After OCC, she attended church for the very first time. We invited her to help with a children's program in Pilas every Thursday, and she agreed. Finally, she came forward to accept Christ two days ago. Start to finish, this all happened in the last month or so."
Thank you for your continued prayers for this region.

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