Thursday, April 22, 2010

Cy-Fair Youth Team

For the seventh year in a row, the Cy-Fair youth have come down to build relationships with our students. It's always a blessing to have them here and this year the relationships continued to strengthen as other new ones were formed.

For the past four years, they have served us at an awards banquet for our students and this year's theme was "Pairs". Each student came paired up with one or more others dressed in various different costumes; here are a few...
Nurse and patients; this was one of the best!
Pastors Mike and Dave dressed up as...yes...Jesus and the Devil.
Soccer players
Little girls
More little girls :)
Punk Rockers
Oh, and us :)

This year Interns Luis and Chuy announced the awards winners. Since the theme was "Pairs", we decided to give two awards for each category. It worked out really well. Here are the winners...

SPIRIT AWARDS: These awards went to the two students that stand out in their enthusiasm and good attitudes.
Gregorio Hernández
Isaiah TenBrink

NEW GENERATION AWARDS: These awards went out to the two students coming out of elementary school who have shown the most potential as leaders and good examples in the youth group.
Jonothan Elias
Karolina Vázquez

SERVANT AWARDS: These awards went to the two students who stand out amongst others with a willingness to serve and help out, not waiting for someone to ask them.
Jazmín Adilene Galicia
Luis Alberto Aguilar

BRAVE HEART AWARDS: These awards went out to the two students who stand out in their growth in the Lord and as leaders. They have taken huge steps this year and were commended for their courageous attitude as well as their willingness to serve.
Jose Luís Gonzalez
Pedro Salaiza

This year we decided to share a drama with the team. After one week of rehearsals, they did a great job. You can click here to see the students perform the popular Lifehouse-Everything Human Video.

The next few days were spent building relationships with each other through a 1/2 day volleyball tournament, an evangelism and garbage clean-up in San Diego (a village about 7 miles towards the mountains), and a free day where the guys played soccer and the girls did manicures and pedicures.
Manicure/Pedicure Day
Soccer Day

The final day together, we went out towards Arrayanes (a village 3 miles north) where there are some ruins to explore as we divided up into four small groups and shared our testimonies with each other with the idea that "these are the ruins in my life, and God has made me a new creature." It was pretty nice.
These are some arches that extend across the creek. It may have been used in an attempt to dam the water in order to find special stones.
This tree raps around a pillar that was part of an old Catholic Church. A lot of the rocks have been taken, but you can still see how the church was laid out as well as an underground room; some say it was the place where they tortured the protestants...I do not know if that is true.

Each team the comes down has the opportunity to get their hands dirty in the mornings with a construction project. This team's project was to begin working on bending, tying, and laying out rebar for the second stories roof of the new church.

It was a great time of encouragement and building new relationships. Our students love it when this team comes down because of the relationships they've built. Thank you Cy-Fair.

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