Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Pastor Marc Pearson

This was a note that one of my friends on facebook shared. It is some words that were written and read by Rev. Greg Asimakoupoulos at an awards presentation yesterday. Pastor Marc Pearson was my pastor growing up and helped me make decisions that would eventually form who I am today. A great man of God who has set a great example of God. We are still in contact today and words cannot express how thankful I am for his influential life.

Here is the note...
It was my honor to write and read the following to a cherished colleague in ministry.

Today we honor you, my friend.
A humble man God chose to send
to redefine abundant life
as more than health and wealth.

You've taught us by your life and words
that grace once promised is assured
no matter what a day may bring
or what a doctor says.

In weakness, Marc, God's strength is shown.
And as you've persevered we've grown
to trust the One whose plans for us
aren't always what we'd choose.

You've modeled grace and dignity
while dealing with adversity.
You've shepherded a healthy flock
in spite of being ill.

You've helped us understand Paul's words
that may at first glance seem absurd.
That cracked pots are the means by which
God's glory is revealed.

You've preached the Word transparently
discovering humility
will starve the ego's appetite,
but nourish childlike faith.

Courageously you've faced your test.
And as we honor you be blessed.
Take comfort knowing you have touched
more people than you know.

Just fix your gaze on Jesus' face
and focus on His boundless grace.
The Savior bids you peer, son, peer.
Peer into His soft eyes.

And as you look you'll surely see
reflections of eternity
and glimpses of what yet awaits.
The best is yet to be.

by Rev. Greg Asimakoupoulos

* Marc's dad and my dad were both Assemblies of God ministers in the Northwest District when we were small boys. Our families were friends. In 1973 Marc and I served on staff at Shoreline Community Church (where my uncle Ben Birkeland was pastor). Marc was senior pastor of Christ Memorial Church in Poulsbo, WA for 31 years until his advancing case of A.L.S. forced him to retire last November. (That is the church my maternal great-grandparents helped to start more than 100 years ago.)

You can listen to Marc's final two sermons to a congregation he loves with all his heart. Here is a link to the church website. The two part message was preached on November 15 and 22. It is titled FINAL THOUGHTS. May God speak to your heart like He did to mine.

Marc and I
My mom and Marc
Where does time go?

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