Wednesday, September 05, 2012


Last year for Rebecka's birthday we put together a mini-RETO for her and her friends as they played games, searched for treasures, and had an eating challenge.  She liked it so much so she asked for another one...and we did it!

There were almost 20 kids at our house on her birthday to participate in "Rebecka's Reto" (reto means challenge).  We started off feeding them hot dogs and hanging out as they played and we prepared.  One of our students just happened to show up that day needing money so I paid him to help us as he organized the teams, led the games, loved every minute of it, and as we finished mentioned, "this is tiring work putting something like this together!"  Yep!  Thanks Fran!  Fran is awesome and one of our returning captains this year in the original EL RETO youth event.

Here are a few pics of her party...
Fran helping get the teams organized.
The excitement begins as the teams choose names.

One of the games was to carry a glass of water from a bucket to a table and fill up a small one liter container.  On the way back, they needed to make 5 circles with their forehead on the bat.

Water balloon volleyball was a big hit!

The eating contest began with Chuy and Elian eating Broccoli Gerber.  It's hard to tell by Chuy's expression (left) that they didn't like it!

Rebecka and Keyla battled over chips.

The whole gang under the piñata.

Again, the whole gang around the cake.
My friend Max has put together a quick video clip of Rebecka's Birthday.


  1. Anonymous7:30 PM

    You have a beautiful 10 year old. Looks like a lot of planning and work went into that party. How fun...Bev Layton

  2. Hello there, Bev. Yes, it was a lot of work and lots of fun. The kids absolutely love this kind of thing! Great to hear from you!