Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Kids' Camp

Thirteen children from Cofradia went to Kids' Camp this year with a church in Tepic.  They all came back bright-eyed and excited.  Antonia Franco, the Children's Ministry Leader in Cofradia, was privileged to attend and she wrote a quick note about it…
We were so blessed to be able to attend the Kid’s Camp this year in Tepic.  It was something lovely; truthfully, I hope that with these words you will be able to feel the emotion of being there.  I would love it that you would not only understand, but even better, feel it.  Words cannot express the emotion of each child that was there, even my own emotion.  When this emotion is over you, it wakes you up.  The love, the passion, the selling out, that which God has called us to obey and continue to faithfully teach each child.  I am grateful to God and to the parents who allowed their children to attend.  I am convinced that what they were taught there will never be forgotten. 
It’s incredible to see so many children praising God.  Even the child that maybe doesn’t know God that well, but that was no impediment to praise Him, to sing to Him, to jump, to shout, it’s wonderful to see their little faces so happy as they watch and listen to a story.  At the moments of prayer, I could see children with their little eyes filled with tears; maybe because of the emotion or happiness, or maybe sadness.  Oh how God touch their little hearts!  It is something that in the future we are going to know when we see men and women of FAITH.  After your child experiences a camp like this, don’t expect great things from them, expect great things from God. 
The children went to camp where they learned and understood that with God on your side you are “Invincible” in Him.
The Children's Pastor of the church in Tepic posted this comment and video that summarizes the weekend…
This summer was incredible at "La Fuente Niños" with our camp, "Invincibles", that had more than 270 children having fun, enjoying themselves, learning to be a super Hero, jumping, praising, laughing, and worshipping God… mornings filled with fun, challenges, rallies, swimming pools and afternoons of Worship time and action packed stories!!!  we learned that God is on our side and that makes us Invincible!!!  We believe that the life of each child will never be the same y they are a generation that by the power of God, will be INVINCIBLE! 

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