Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Welcoming the New Generation!

The Student Ministry welcomes those who are leaving elementary school and entering Jr. High to be part of the youth group each year.  Here is what the leaders had to say about this year's "Day Camp"...

This year, as in previous years, we had a welcoming event for the new generation of students in the youth group.  The "New Generation" are youth/adolescents who come to form part of the youth group once they have finished elementary school.
 The Student Leaders planned a special time so welcome them.  This year it was at a water-fall/river called "El Salto" (The Jump) near Ruiz, Nayarit about 25 miles from Cofradía.  The focus was only on them to make them feel special and accepted which is the motive of this event.  This way we try to confirm in them that they now form part of our team in the youth group.
 During this time, there are various activities like games, eating together, going places outside of Cofradía, etc.  in order to show them that they can confide in those in leadership and also feel free to open themselves up and express what they think and feel.
 The purpose of this welcoming event is so that through this, they can be impacted and feel a desire to continue to come to youth group in order to be fed by the Word of God and blessed through the fellowship of youth that surround them.  This way, they can see themselves as a youth and no longer as a child and take things seriously.
 Our expectations are that these youth will know their potential as leaders and put into practice what, by grace, they have received from God.  And that they would consider God first in all of their decisions that they make in order become a good example and successful youth.  Also, we hope that they participate in the activities each Saturday when the youth group meets so they can put into practice their abilities and for some to set aside their fears and shyness recognizing their identity as children of God.

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