Friday, March 11, 2016


SPLASH 2016!
It was definitely a Splash!  With at least six different churches, we made 8 teams and played kick-ball with a splash.  It was a lot of fun, the students were all mixed together randomly in order to break the invisible walls of comfort.  All the students were able to participate (if they wanted).  After kicking the ball out in the field, the students would proceed to slip-slide-slither in an unbalanced half-run along the soapy wet plastic baseline to finally tumble and plunge into the small pool at first base with a big SPLASH.  This was the scene as those who actually made it, continued along to 2nd and 3rd bases.  Making it to home was enticingly attractive after wriggling out of the way of being the target for an out--a sweet dive through a hoop, down a small wet slide into the final pool.
Tumbling into first.

Splashing into 2nd.

Escaping the out.

Sliding Home!

After a couple hours of the tournament-style event, Pastor Luis shared with all the students about the connection that our dreams have with our heart.  If our heart is right, our dreams are right.  What is the essence of our dreams?  Are they selfish or are they selfless?

The Winning Team

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