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The Christian Church in Cofradia has been alive for more than 20 years, but it wasn’t until recently that they obtained a meeting place just for themselves.  It was a sweet accomplishment led by missionary Dave Elias who proceeded to move his family back to Canada shortly after its completion.

It marked the end of the era of planting a church body and meeting together at the mission base...

The inauguration took place on February 27, 2011...

It has been five years since we opened the doors to the new church building after five years of construction projects brought to fruition and funded by your help.  It was a large project, but definitely worth every drop of sweat that went into it.  The locals also gave so much of their time and heart into the project helping teams and working while no teams were present.

Now, it is a place where the locals meet together to worship God; it is a place where people find restoration through a Savior named Jesus; it is a place where people find freedom in Christ; it is a place where people grow in their leadership skills and are trained through a Bible school; it is a place where people of all ages meet to have fun together playing soccer and volleyball during the week; it is also a place where a diverse group of Christian churches meet in unity to worship the same God and share the same purpose of extending HIS Kingdom.

This past Sunday, we celebrated God’s faithfulness to His children.  Throughout the years, He has shown His kindness and love in so many different ways.  As we look to the future, we continue to march forward towards the goal of finishing the race that has been set before us.  We are “La Cofradia United”.  “Cofradia” means a brotherhood that shares a common goal whether it be religious or charitable.  We are working together with other churches to expand the Kingdom of God and raise up leaders in rural Mexico.
Pastor Ruben from Las Varas leading worship. 

Pastor Benjamin from Chiapas sharing from God's Word.


Children's graduation from Samaritan's Purse Christmas Box Bible Study (12 weeks).

Thank you for your dedication to prayer for this congregation.  Thank you to all who have come and participated on a team.  Thank you to all who have donated financially to increase the Kingdom of God in this area.

The work here is not finished.  With the foundation set, we are excited about extending “La Cofradia United” to other towns where meetings are already taking place.  We need your help.  Here is a quick look at our ministry and the current needs we have and ways you can help.

One-time or monthly gifts can be made online or by sending a check made out to “Alternative Missions” with a separate note indicating that it is for “Cofradia Operations” to: 
PO BOX 3107

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