Wednesday, October 19, 2016


We just had a great group of people from The Well Church join us on a short-term mission trip from Salt Lake City, Utah.

It was a blessing to have them as they shared with the children each evening in different towns.  We have not had a team do this in a number of years which means this was the first team many of the children saw.  The played games, shared bible stories, and had a craft for each of the children.

During the mornings, the team helped us add a couple of sidewalks in the church area to make it easier to get to the sanctuary for those who cannot walk well.  Especially if they have a wheelchair.  Just a couple weeks before the team came, someone with polio fell due to the loose gravel.

We appreciate so much the investment of this team to the kids' lives, the church, and making relationships with others on the side as well.  Looking forward to having them again.  Here is what one of them posted on their Facebook page when they got home:
"Just returned from a week in Cofradia, Mexico from an mission trip. I went there to help, but in reality it mostly helped me. This has been the most humbling and eye opening experience I have been part of.  If you find it in your hearts to give or want to participate in a mission trip, Cofradia is a a lifetime experience and the people there are so open to receive the hand of God."
Thank you to The Well Church.

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