Saturday, December 03, 2016

Ramos-Arreola Family House Build

This was the 10th house we've built for a needy family in Cofradia and the surrounding areas.  Five men from Washington and Arizona came down to bless this family.  As you can see by the picture of the mud hut they lived in previously, this family truly has been blessed with a better place to live.  With their economical situation that does not allow them to save money, this was very appropriate and we are excited for Abel and his family.
This is their former house that Abel's grandparents built years ago.

Abel and his family in their new home.

This build was originally planned in order to bring Cuban workers over from Cuba who will be building similar homes through the Dwellings ministry.  There are a couple of builds already lined up for March.  Since the Cubans were unable to obtain a visa, everything we did was documented in order for the men who were here to teach them how to build this style of home.

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